Kelsey is a photographer of water lifestyles.
If not wearing, she's photographing swimwear.
With water as Kelsey’s muse, she finds magic in outfits by the sea. Whether underwater or air drying, her photographs tell the stories. 

Inspired by her love affair with water and influenced by the backdrops of her images, Kelsey's designs promote bathing in warm water
and the afternoon sun. 

Kelsey derives her inspirations from earlier ages, while dreaming of what's yet
to come. Like the unpredictable that lies ahead, Kelsey’s swimwear is made for the water and reflects that.


Saturdays and Sundays are sacred. For exploring or snuggling,
these are our untouched adventures.
Celebrating tradition, memories are made while new beliefs are created. 

Saturdays and Sundays are our time to discover. To take the leap or go back to sleep.
Pure, unadulterated pleasure. 

Saturdays and Sundays are the past and present. The lessons we learn.
The times that change and sundaes that always remain the same.



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