A note from the designer -
With water as her muse, Kelsey is a lifestyle and swimwear photographer. 
She finds magic in outfits by the sea. 
Whether underwater or air drying, Kelsey's photographs tell the story.
Reminiscing on her earlier years on swim teams, Kelsey became a connoisseur 
of the not so fashionable competitive one piece- taking away it’s impeccable ability to fit in all the right places. 
Recently moving to California, with a closet full of bikinis, she was unable to find swimwear made with similar fabric as her earlier predecessors. 
Kelsey had one mission in mind- that Saturdays & Sundaes was designed as fashion swimwear but reveal the importance of the fit and fabric.
Inspired by her love affair with water, Kelsey’s designs promote 
bathing in warm water and the afternoon sun. 
A believer of wearing the proper attire for the occasion, her swimwear supports all activities and is there for you, when you need the support. 
Kelsey derives her inspirations from earlier eras, while dreaming of what’s yet to come. 
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